Sunday, 12 January 2014

Dove Farm's Recipe Victoria Sponge

As it's my son's 2nd birthday, I've attempted my second GF cake. I used the recipe from the side of the Dove Farm's GF Baking Powder.

I imagine it's going to taste fine but I'm slightly bemused at how thin it's turned out. I think next time I'll double up the quantities. I was hoping for a lovely big wedge of cake, but I fear today I shall be disappointed. It cooked quickly enough, but in contrast to a normal Victoria Sponge recipe this is a chuck everything together and beat until smooth. In hindsight, I'd definitely soften the butter more, but that's an occupational hazard of baking in January. (Whereas in June you'll be chasing it around the kitchen and fannying around with makeshift ice baths to spot it forming a buttery pool).

Ta-da, the final completed version. I don't think any of my cake decorating chums are going to be losing any sleep! I'll report back about what it tastes like a.s.a.p. however as W. is having a nap, I could be waiting for a while.

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